At Oonie we love WordPress for a number of reasons.

  1. We get all our best SEO results from websites made in WP. While WordPress can slow your website down (which does affect SEO), we have formulated a secret technique to ensure that your website is still lightning fast!
  2. WP allows us to drastically cut down on the time it takes us to build a website, which means faster delivery to clients, and means that we can offer our websites at much better rates because they take less time to build!
  3. We can build user-friendly websites for those clients who want to be able to add, remove or change things themselves without having to come to us every time, and who have no coding knowledge. We will just give a bit of training to those clients who are not familiar with the WordPress interface, and off they go.
  4. WordPress is also a very multifunctional platform, as you can make anything from a simple, informational website, to an Ecommerce website, or a blog. There is a WP plugin for just about anything, so no matter what you want your website to do, chances are high that WordPress will be able to fulfill your needs. Do You want a property listing website? No problem. Want a community-driven forum? WordPress has got you covered!

We recently came across a great, informational, infographic, made by Website Builder, outlining some interesting facts about WP. Did you know that WordPress is older than twitter or Facebook (the first version of WP was released in 2003)? Or that the official website for The Rolling Stones is made with WordPress?

You can find the infographic here.