We love Cape Town and we love website design –  so naturally we combined these two loves and decided to take a look at some sites about our city.

We’ve listed them according to how they ranked on the Oonie Rating Scale  – which consists of how easy they were to use, their content (was it well-written? does it serve a purpose?), images (aesthetic appeal, quality, relevance) and how fun the website was to use!

1. Love Cape Town


wordpress cape town

Responsive and easy to use, we feel this website captures the true spirit of the Mother City through a fun interface and stunning, colourful photography. Well-written articles are featured on everything Cape Town and give you hints as to where to get breakfast under 50 bucks, how to be a responsible tourist and how to survive New Years.

wordpress cape town

Love Cape Town is chock full of resources – complete with a trip planner listing services, transport, exclusive offers and downloadable maps.

wordpress cape town

All-around gorgeous and uplifting, Oonie loves Love Cape Town.

LOVECAPETOWNOonieRatingScale 1 300x300 1

2. Cape Town City FC

wordpress cape town

Capetowncityfc.co.za is visually stunning and very easy to use.

It is a single page website (which is currently in vogue) and has used strong colours and a repetitive theme throughout which makes it pleasing to the eye and memorable. What this website lacks in content is made up through its well-run and engaging Twitter page (with over 12000 followers) where they post things that could be posted to a blog section of the website (for better SEO results).

wordpress cape town

Whilst the content and look of the text could use some work, the rest of the website is fun and lively and matches the vibe of the team.

CTCFCOonieRatingScale 300x300 1

3. Lonely Planet/ South Africa/ Cape Town

cape town lonely planet

The thing we like the most about this website is the functionality. It serves a clear purpose and does what it’s meant too – which is the primary function of all websites. Its content is solid and clear, and some visual design elements have been utilised (notably: some beautiful images) but the website could use a sprucing up.

A ‘survival guide’ has been included – which is pretty unique and very useful– which tells tourists about Visa requirements, the best times to visit and outlines daily costs.

lonely planet survival guide

Oonie thinks the content on this website is very informative but could be made more design-y.

“Tap water is drinkable here, and with the exception of HIV/AIDS, there’s little need to worry about health issues in Cape Town. But hundreds do die daily from HIV/AIDS, so make sure you protect yourself while having sex”

LONLEYPLANETOonieRatingScale 300x300 1

What do you rate these websites? Do you have any favourite websites about Cape Town? Let us know in the comments!

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