Today’s SEO providers are part of a competitive industry where only the best will survive.

It takes more than average skills to give companies the results that they’re after. And if you don’t produce results, you aren’t likely to stick around for long.

The top SEO companies are devoted to providing customers with first-rate on and off page strategies that drive traffic and climb rankings.

What does it take to be the best in the SEO industry?

To find out the answer to this question, we went straight to the source.

Want to know what separates the good from the great? Read on to find out which companies made our list of 2018’s top SEO companies, and their secrets to success!

2018’s List of Top SEO Companies And the Lessons They Taught Us

Lots of businesses claim to be the best. But, which leaders really stand out as the today’s top SEO companies? And, better yet, what lessons have they learned from their climb to the top?

After reviewing the most successful names in the world of digital marketing, we came up with a list of the winning SEO super-stars.

Here are the top SEO companies to watch this year and their best-kept secrets to nailing the most current digital marketing trends.

1. 180 Fusion

180 Fusion has been featured by leading news sources and thought leadership programs across the country for their innovative and effective approach to driving customer traffic. The L.A.-based agency rose to the top in 2017 and is expected to maintain its spot during 2018.

Known for their superior localized strategies and award-winning SEO, there are lots of things that one could learn from these guys. But, their ability to drive customer growth takes center stage after the company was highlighted in a case study by ranking go-to, Google.

In the Google AdWords case study, 180 Fusion showed us how to drive traffic and boost sales while using thoughtfully selected more cost-efficient keywords. Their example was proof that powerful SEO doesn’t need the highest priced strategies, but rather fine-tuned skills, to be most effective.

2. Straight North

Straight North has become a well-known and respected leader in the marketing industry for the stand-out services they provide to small to mid-sized B2B and B2C businesses. Since their introduction in 1997, the name has been featured among top SEO companies consistently, year after year.

Thier fully staffed team of operations is capable of serving practically any industry that you can imagine, from pharma to construction.

They use a collaboration of strategies to produce an impressive ROI for their clients.

Straight North taught us to focus on results, rather than getting caught up in the details chasing minimally effective SEO strategies down a rabbit hole.

It’s easy to get caught up driving site traffic and formulating keywords, without making any real progress towards an improved return. But, by investing in smart, effective SEO this leading agency shows us that maintaining a steady focus will get you the results you crave in record time.

3. Ignite Visibility

The San Francisco company, Ignite Visibility, emerged on the lists of 2018’s SEO frontrunners boasting an all-star conversion rate. Their conversion rate averaged between 40-80%, and managed to reach as high as 400% for at least one client, according to the company’s website.

How do they consistently garner sky-high conversion rates?

The marketing super-power provides individualized, custom content and SEO for each one of its over 100 customers, who come from a wide range of fields and industries.

The takeaway? You can still depend on the tried and true strategy of optimized, interesting content, to forge your website’s path to success.


This small SEO company out of New York is known for providing impressive returns for clients websites.

They are recognized in the ranking world by the largest search engines in the biz, including Yahoo, Google, and Bing, who place them in front of competitors.

GVATE reminds us the importance and value of strong customer relationships. Their strengths include high ROI and favorable customer reviews.

5. Hive Digital

By now, Hive Digital is a seasoned pro in the digitized marketing world. They entered the SEO arena in the early 1990’s and have earned a top-dollar reputation among clients.

Today, their clients include Fortune 500 companies, who have come to rely on what the company calls “search marketing”.

Their strategy is focused on bringing organic traffic to a website. A by-product of this is the oft increase in ranking results that clients also tends to experience.

They are known for their ability to take new start-up sites from zero to one million with their results-centered strategies.

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