Why is my website not getting any clicks?

Informative, Smartphone optimized and fast loading websites are Google’s main page ranking policy direction.

Yes, desktops and laptops will still be used in homes and offices, but Mobile searches have taken over Desktop Google searches by a wide margin. This year, Google will roll out its “Mobile First Index” which will affect the rankings of every non-mobile friendly website.

So, these are the things that Google wants from your website in order to get high rankings in their search Engine:

  • It should be “responsive”, meaning it displays correctly and attractively on any Smartphone’s or Tablet’s screen size.
  • It has to load below 4 seconds on desktops and on any mobile device
  • The content has to be “great”, in a sense that it answers the query that users typed or spoke in to Google search.

If you are wondering why your South African website is not getting any clicks or traffic, you might want to check what Google thinks of it via this link.

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