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Touch Marketing is a strategic marketing company based in South Africa.  Founded 9 years ago by Cheridan Inglis, Touch Marketing specialises in technology companies which reinforced the idea that Cheridan needed a sleek and easy-to-navigate website.

Cheridan came to us wanting her current website to be rebuilt in Wordpress.  She had already chosen the perfect theme.  It reflects Touch Marketing’s image as a company beautifully.  The theme communicates professionalism and is uncomplicated, just like Touch Marketing.

With Cheridan’s experience and background in the IT industry she knew exactly what is required to create an online presence.  It is such a pleasure working with someone like her.  She had chosen the look and feel, along with all the text she wanting on the website.  This made the web development process run very smoothly.

The theme provided a good foundation to work off of which aided the design process. Some sections needed to  be removed and some sections needed custom code, but that was no problem for our amazing web developer, Robyn!  She did an amazing job with implementing the theme, content and making the website responsive.

We enjoyed working with Touch marketing as there was good communication from both sides which made this project progress smoothly.

The new website is sleek and provides a good user experience as it is easy to navigate. Check it out Touch Marketing

If you would like to learn more about our Web Design services, check out our website design page.

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