Pick the right Cape Town Web Designer for you.

Would you eat your starter at one restaurant and your main at another? If not, pick a web designer that can build your website as well. Why should you pay someone to design the look of your website and another to build it when it’s twice the price and takes longer? There are plenty of web developers in Cape Town who can build and design and who can create you a beautiful (and functional) product. Get you a girl who can do both.

Know what you want

Before you look for someone to design and develop your website, make a list of websites you love and hate so that you have a look and style to refer to. Pick some for their functionality, and others for their look. This will assist your designer in designing something you love.

Pay attention to what they ask

Your web designer should know your brand inside and out so that the design they come up with accurately reflects who you are as a business. They should want to know you, your business, your audience and your marketing goals.

SEO, though?

You’ll want to find out what your Cape Town Web Designer knows about SEO, in case you want to market your website. You want them to build you a site that an SEO specialist will be able to navigate through easily and be able to make tweaks to your website’s back end without it breaking. You also want to be sure that the person who is building your website won’t do anything by mistake that could affect your rankings. Remember, a pretty site is no good unless it generates you business!

Site maintenance

Ask your Cape Town Web Designers what kind of maintenance and upkeep your site will require.

Some designers want to build new sites, but not maintain them. If you need updates and changes to your website, it’s best to walk the long road with your developer. If that’s not possible, find out what platform or CMS your website was built with, so you can find someone to help you.

Alternately, if you want to cut costs and maintain the site yourself, ask them if they’ll build your site so that it can be easily maintained. WordPress is great (find out why here), as it’ll easily enable you to edit the text and some of the graphics.

Meet the team

You may want to know if the team is in-house or outsourced.

They could be an ad-hoc team of freelancers who haven’t worked together before, or they outsource parts of the project. They could also be a singer person who says they can do it all, but may not be an expert in everything they offer you.

You want a team of specialists who work together on projects.

 Quick tips:

  • Make sure you own your domain name, even if your developer registered it for you.
  • Before you choose, ask yourself: Do I LIKE the designer? Do I believe they’ll act ethically?
  • Ask to see examples of projects with similar goals.
  • Remember to check out their portfolio! You’ll find out if they stick to a particular design style, or are flexible.
  • Remember, you don’t have to pick one from the word go. You can make a list of your top Cape Town Web Designers candidates and their pros and cons.