Ecommerce Photography…

Bunny photography!

Oonie is very excited to now be able to offer their clients photographic services. We decided to do a shoot to show potential clients what we could do for them, but wanted to do it in a way that was a little more fun and different than a conventional fashion shoot.  Our love of bunnies lead us to the idea of using a rabbit as an accessory, while still showcasing specific items of jewellery or clothing.

The challenges:

  1. To make things less stressful for the bunny we initially tried to use continuous lighting. The result was far less than ideal, so flash it had to be. Thankfully bunny didn’t seem to mind it at all.
  2. Catching bunny in the right positions before it ran away. Keeping the shutter pressed down for rapid firing paid off – we got some great shots where bunny was in the perfect position.
  3. Using the bunny to showcase items the model was wearing. This was an interesting challenge – walking the line between focusing too much on the bunny and not enough on the item, and focusing too much on the item and not using the bunny to showcase the item. Over all I think the final images got the balance just right.

We decided on two outfits, one super glam, and the other more casual, both with accompanying accessories. In each shot we focused on showcasing a particular item our lovely model was wearing, except for our best shot, which was a full body shot of our model looking extremely stylish, with the perfect accessory in her arm – the bunny!

A huge thank you to the wonderful Barcaly Studios for their extremely speedy responses, and helpfulness that went above and beyond our expectations.