UPDATED: 15 August 2018 – Sadly the website is no longer using Pipedrive so you won’t be able to see it in action.  I am however sure that the instructions will still work.


Hi everyone! I finally managed to get my Pipedrive form to work within a pop-up. Here is how to get your Pipedrive form to appear in a pop-up in a wordpress website, WITHOUT any additional plugins.

  1. Log into WordPress and open the page you want the pop-up to work from.
  2. You will need text e.g. contact us
  3. Go the html/text part of the page and paste this in:
    <a class=”replacethiswithyourownclass” href=”#” onclick=”window.open(‘https://pipedrivewebforms.com/form/replacethiswithyourformnumberhere’,’pagename’,’resizable,height=600,width=400′); return false;”>Contact Us</a>
  4. Where it says “height=600,width=400” – change this to the size you want
  5. Where I have put replacethiswithyourownclass – well replace this please
  6. Where i have put replacethiswithyourformnumberhere – replace this with Pipedrive’s form code
  7. Now test it by previewing it
  8. And Publish!

You can see that it works on this url Pop-up Pipedrive form

We have followed it all the way into Pipedrive. Yay!

wordpress pipedrive pop-up