How can I get my website noticed?

Great Content, Quality SEO, Responsiveness and Fast Page Speed are the key.

Everyone wants to be on Google’s first page, but it’s not as easy or as organic as it looks. Getting your website into the public eye on page 1 of Google takes hard work , perseverance and an SEO genius! Search Engine Optimisation is vital to your business’s online success and really can make or break your Google rankings.

Nobody likes a slow website – Google will penalise slow-loading sites through your rankings and website visitors won’t wait for your page to load. Slow pages can have a very negative effect on your website traffic and Google rankings, leading to a decrease in business. Fast page loading speed is therefore very important to your website’s rankings and vital to monitor.

It can be a challenge finding the right company to help get your website noticed. Excessive fees and amateurs can do more harm than good and cost your business in the long run. Free recourses end up sneaking costs your way and spam you with annoying emails.

Good SEO and Page Loading Speed can work to your advantage and we can assist. Oonie has just released free scans to help your business know where to start in terms of SEO.

Here’s a breakdown of how we can help:

Our free SEO Analysis of your website will give us an idea of  the quality of your SEO, your website performance and your local and international Google rankings. This will be reported neatly back to you and contain your analysis and our recommendations.

Oonie’s free Page Speed Scan will check for bottlenecks in your page loading speed and investigate what may be the cause and how you can solve it! After receiving your request, we’ll analyse your site and send both our analysis and recommendations to you within a few working days.

We’re proud to announce our SEO and Page Speed scans come with no strings attached and no spammy emails. We really are just here to help.