Logo design contents are hard! There are no two ways about it!

Whilst looking for content to add to this article I found a site that lists the 11 best logo design contest websites that you apparently need to check out!

Some people are just gifted to do logo design within a competition environment. I am certainly not one of them.

Below are some comments from various jaded resources who comforted me that I’m not alone. Have a look.

In short:

Logo contest chat elsewhere

  • NoSpec articles
    The thing that contest originators don’t understand, however, is that the contest model is just as much a lottery for them, too. Without meeting with the contest entrants, and seeing their past work and experiencing their personalities, the contest originators put themselves in the middle of a very risky gamble. Based simply on a submitted image, it is impossible to determine whether or not the designer has the knowledge and background to guide the project to an efficient (or even successful) conclusion.
  • When a design “contest” is not a contest
    The only thing worse than a client, or potential client, who does not value the efforts of a professional graphic designer, is a designer who doesn’t appreciate the value of their own time and work.
  • Are logo design contest sites even legal?
    …what if these sites are breaking a ton of laws, in jurisdictions all over the world, as well as running afoul of state and national lottery and gaming laws? A little far-fetched? I thought so at first, but after fairly intensive research, I’m beginning to think otherwise.
  • 99designs: Bullshit 2.0
    To summarize: you’re doing spec work for third-world prices with no option for copyright retention. Everyone wins! Oh wait, except you.
  • Logo design contests are bad for business
    You, as the client, should know that your designer values your business. They’re not providing you with a design based purely on aesthetics, and one that took perhaps 30 minutes to create. They’re looking deep into your business plan, your company mission, your background, your way of dealing with people, and many other aspects your working practices.