If you have any interest in google ranking and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you might have heard or read the following:

  1. Your website’s content is King.
  2. High value backlinks to your website are crucial for your Google rankings.
  3. Mobile-friendliness, Page loading speed, and being on a secure HTTPS domain are more and more important.

And yes, this is all very true. And you should definitely make sure to do all this, and engage an SEO company to have your website rank on page 1 of Google with your most important keywords.

Now, assuming you have reached this milestone, what makes Google think that you deserve to stay on that treasured spot?

The answer to this question is:  Click Through Rate (CTR) and Website Dwell Time. In other words: how many people click on your Google Page 1 listing, and how many pages do they browse and how long do they stay on your website.

Yes Google measures all that, in order to judge if your website answered the query performed on their search engine.

Google wishes your search to end with your first click, meaning that your search gave a satisfactory answer.

If  searchers clicking on your website hit the “back” key consistently, and try out other search results, this sends out a signal to Google that you don’t deserve a Page 1 listing.

So the take-away is: Make sure that your website’s content is indeed “King” and answers the questions of any Google search pertaining to your business.

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