As the world keeps shifting towards digital, search engine optimization has become more important than ever before. A strong presence on Google is more important than being present in the actual world. Your business growth is also affected by your company’s rank on the search engine results page. Here are a few ways SEO will shift focus in 2016 and how you can mend your efforts to be search engine friendly.

Social media will improve ranks

Just typing F generally displays Facebook on Google’s SERP. Also, whenever you search for a name, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are generally the top results followed by Quora, Reddit etc. This shows how much search engines respect the social media pages. Earlier, SEO done on the website used to lead traffic to the social media pages, now it is the polar opposite.

In 2016, not only will this trend rise on Google, but also on Yahoo! and Bing. This will remove the difference between social media marketing and SEO marketing blending both the efforts in a common platform. Therefore, manage your social media carefully and keep your profiles active to help your business rank higher on search engines.

Videos catch attention easily

It may be a task to find the right videos for you page, but the hard work is totally worth it. More videos can lead to a better ranking of your page because videos are nearly 60% of the Google searches. Also, the search engine shows keen interest in blended results. An interactive video also gives you a chance to get viral and get organic traffic that is enough to kickstart your project. Stats show that videos get nearly 50 times more organic traffic when compared to text. Every best SEO agency in India also believes that videos put the page on a better rank.

Responsive websites are still the thing

If your website is not mobile friendly, you’re already losing a lot of money. The recent surge in the users of smartphones, tablets, phone watches etc., has led to people browsing net on the go. So many times while travelling people tend to browse through shopping websites, as a new way of window shopping. So if for example, you have an eCommerce website which is not responsive on mobile, the customer would lose interest quickly and you’ll lose money. Even brand management companies like RepIndia, suggest that your website should be responsive on every platform, so that you can ensure smooth running of business.