Hi everyone, sooooo…we have decided to run a

FREE SEO special from 15 May until 22 May 2018!

We are offering to businesses out there,that we will get them:

1 Keyword Ranked on Google for FREE!

Yep, who doesn’t want to get up there on Google and you have nothing to loose by giving us a try, hey?

If you aren’t sure as to what SEO is and why you need it then please read a bit further.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Huh? Let’s rewind a bit.

So let’s say you have a dog parlour business.  You have made the wise decision to use a web design agency in Cape Town that specialises in online marketing to build the website.  Your website has gone live and you aren’t scratching your head asking “what now”.  In fact you have a fabulous online strategy for the next 3 months, 6 months and 1+ years, that has been developed by your best web design agency in Cape Town being Oonie.  You know what you are doing, where you are going and what your plan is.

How is this possible? From the moment you visited Oonie you discussed the objective and ideal outcomes of your website.  As soon as the web build started, everyone knew what your target market is and how your leads are going to find you.  That is why you always use a web design team who specialises in SEO to develop your website.

Remember that your website is about you….to a point.  You need to communicate your “why” for branding purposes AND it needs to convert your leads into sales.  So whilst you may want a beautiful, interactive, animation – your clientele might just want to book their pet in quickly to have his nails clipped and you have missed the mark completely with an expensive, entertaining website.

You cannot blame your online marketing team for not getting you sales if you don’t listen to their advice when building the website initially.

If your website looks expensive and is beautifully designed, then your target market must fit the profile – they want to be rewarded with a luxurious pet pampering session.  They expect your rates to be high, your service to be exceptional and your premises will be as relaxing as a spa!

Look, we love beautiful websites but your web visitor just wants to book their dog for a shampoo and has 2 minutes to do so…don’t make life difficult for them but animating your logo for 5 minutes.

Your website is meant is convert leads – get you business.  Our passion is to help our fellow business people grow their business.  You have come to us to help you get more business, so our goal is to get you more business and we are in it for the long term.  If you aren’t getting the results you hoped for – then we talk about it and revisit the strategy (this is not common).

Getting back to SEO.  When we designed your website we established a list of keywords or phrases that your target market is likely to type into Google – in order to find you. These keywords are thoroughly researched.  We know everything about these keywords, like how many people per month are looking for a “dog parlour in cape town”.  Our task now is to get Google to find your website when someone types that phrase in so that you can get their business.  Now that is SEO!  Getting Google to find your website for someone who is looking for your services.

Now the process of SEO is a full-time job and you get what you pay for.  You need to decide if this has value for you and your business.

So how can you calculate the ROI of SEO? Well you need to ask two questions here: how much is this going to cost me and how much will I get out of it.  The second value needs to be higher than the first.   In short, how many dogs do you have to wash in a month in order to cover the cost of the monthly SEO.  It is more complicated  than that so I’m definitely going to write an article about it.

Is SEO For You?

Give it a try.  Do some research.  Do some SEO audits.  Most of this is free online to do anyway.  Find someone you can talk to and can trust.  What have you got to loose?

Thanks for reading this!