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Oonie, is a digital online company based in Cape Town.  We develop great WordPress Web Design, implement expert Google SEO and provide stunning graphic design services.  Please fill out this quick form and we will get back to you as quick as we can.

    Why do so few people click on my website?

    Type a keyword relating to your business into a search engine. Does your business come up? If your competitors come up before you, you can bet your competitor has invested in their online visibility.  You can also be guaranteed that they are getting the enquiries that you want. The saying goes: “if you want to hide a dead body, put it on page 2 of a Google search”. If you want people to click on your website, you have to show them that you are out there. Our digital online agency would work with you to make you (more) visible online.


    Why do my website visitors not contact me?

    Maybe you do appear in the top 3 search results and people do click on your website…but then no-one contacts you.  So why is your website not converting leads? An online agency, like Oonie, will assess your online presence and look at how you are presenting your services online to your visitors.  We create a plan of action that is achievable with you and we start improving your online footprint.


    If you are a business owner in Cape Town or elsewhere in South Africa then you need us.

    We are passionate and good at what we do.  Our online agency is based in Cape Town but we work all over South Africa and abroad.

    We’re Here to Help you Grow your Business

    Let us help you start getting great business results by assisting you with:

    1. Auditing your website for strengths and weaknesses and reporting on your current Google rankings.
    2. If needed, revamping your Website so that Google will proudly show it on any Smartphone or tablet.
    3. Performing expert SEO on your site so that Google ranks your website on Page 1.
    4. Improving your website’s content – encouraging customers to contact you.
    5. Speeding up your website to improve your Google rankings and increase customer’s contact requests.
    6. Improving lead generation via your website and helping you grow your business.

    One call. One Email. No obligation. Call us or complete this contact form and we’ll respond very promptly.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    From our clients

    “First Class professional service. Lindsay and Beatrice relentlessly took time to sort out a very challenging Web transfer and SEO investigation for me. It’s refreshing working with a team that really does do what they say. Thanks again Lindsay!”
    Faye Parker Elliot

    Director, Luna Design

    Professional. Talented. Efficient. Look no further than Lindsay andher team at Oonie’s Website & Graphic Design!
    Glenn Matthews

    Business Director, Trimble